11 March 2013

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (minggu 1)

Nama           : Wildan Anggun Pravitasari
Class            : 3EB03
NPM             : 28210510
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Independent writing task.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Grades (marks) encourage students to learn.
Use spesifics reason and examples to support your opinion.


Humans basically love to be complimented. Praise is a tribute to the man himself. In education, the award given from teachers one of which is called score. Score is a mark given in an exam for a piece of school work. Students need score as an assessment for their capacity at school. Good score are the target, which students have to achieve if they want to step up the higher classes.
This score (marks) which indicates good or bad, dilligent or lazy, smart or not the student, and so much more. So, I agree that it encourages students to learn many lessons.

There are many ways to get that value. There are a good way, but there is also a shortcut. The students know to get a good value and the right course is to study diligently and earnestly and do the tasks set by the teacher. Also practice the problems studied. While a bad way to get a good one is to cheat a friend task.

As small example is when there are exams and teachers provide good value for achievement and effort according to the students, then the students will be motivated to learn something new. Good grades provide students knowledge. Grades evaluate one's capacity and perform one's attitude towards studying. Obviously, if a student has low grades, it means he or she might not understand the lessons. Therefore, he needs to chance the way he studies so that he enable to understand lessons and master concrete knowledge next time. 

The conclusion, value or grades or marks is a very encourage students to learn if its given on objective scale because value is a process of learning and can be measured by students' ability to receive and study material provided by the teacher.

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