29 March 2013

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (minggu 4)

Independent writing task.

Should government spend more money on improving road and highways or should government spend more money on improving public transportation (busses, trains, subway) why? use spesifics reasons and details to develop your essay.


Development of the times causes people to compete with each other to acquire and complete their work. I think 24 hours a day if not enough for people today. For example, in the big cities in Indonesia, a lot of the problems facing the community such as traffic jams caused by too much the number of vehicles on the highway.

Nowadays a lot of people have complained that the congestion that occurs in the city due to the increasing number of vehicles is increasing, such as private vehicles and public transport vehicles. Not to mention the state of the vehicle is less common standards for the operation, such as the lack of good machinery, maintenance, comfort, etc.. Pollution that comes out of the vehicle also smothering and certainly not good for health.

The Jakarta government is now working and find a solution to the problem of congestion is one way by spend more money on improving public transportation such as the train, busway, monorail, subway,  waterway, and many more. Which means of transportation has more value in the eyes of users such circumstances better vehicles, air-conditioned, cheap, fast, clean, safe, comfortable, and orderly
In my opinion, I know the government can not stop growth, but I agree with this way. Because, with the sufficient public transportation, a busy transport users to arrive on time at their destination. And with the expected realization of these ways, people are turning to use public transportation in the city so that congestion can be resolved.

And I hope, if the government has a budget more in this sector, it would be nice if the government uses the funds to repair and maintain the roads and also to the riders should obey with the existing rtraffic laws to create an effective traffic safety and orderliness of driving on the highway.

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